The Mediterranea Way

Cilento Italy

Cilento Italy

The Cilento is a unique place for the culinary excellences lovers. In this area, homeland of the Greek philosophers Parmenide and Zenone, the Diet, the idea of eating well, has always been important. Here was born the concept of “mens sana in corpore sana”, that wants to highlight the importance of eating well in order to feel good mentally and physically.

Is not a coincidence that the famous cardiologist Ancel Keys decided to live here, to study the food habits of the local people and discovered the secrets of their longevity. The results led the scientist to create the expression “Mediterranean Diet”

The Mediterranean Diet is the key point for the Restaurant Tre Olivi, where the chefs want to exalt all the colors and the scents of the Mediterranean, a reference that is possible to catch, starting from the furniture made using olive trees, this diet.